Hi there!

I’m Iain Irwin, and I'm behind the pressing of pause buttons. Wayhay!


I’m 21 years old and I love about people, photography and stories. I love making people smile, acting like a fool and throwing the odd shape. Good food, a cup of coffee and a trip to the cinema are a few of the things I enjoy most in life. 

I’m currently studying Divinity at Queens University Belfast and if you need me you’ll probably find me in the nearest coffee shop down Botanic Avenue. I’m a follower of Jesus, an aspiring astronaut, a wannabe hipster, and I have a beautiful girlfriend called Erin.


The smaller details of life...

I love sport, Classic Fm and I’m kind of awkward but pretend like I’m not. (But aren't we all?) I’m an early riser, my favourite colour is yellow and I lovvveee puns with all my heart.  I spent most of my childhood on the farm with some lovely llamas. To me nothing beats a bowl of soup, I speak quite quietly at times (sorry in advance) and I love working with children. 

I’m a bit of a nerd and I love the challenge that photography offers. Being creative and capturing moments whilst being apart of your story is an opportunity I’d grab with both hands. Especially weddings, I love weddings! (hint hint) The warmth and love and love of a wedding day is something you don't get to experience too often and given the chance I will be on the dance floor. Aside from all of this, I love and follow Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and it's my aim to provide a standard of service that brings glory to His name.

My shooting style can be described as a journalistic/fine art approach. I like to capture the event/day as it is without interfering however I will jump in when needed as who wants to be left clueless and confused. I’m a lover of natural light and with a little bit of guidance we can capture some epic shots.

However asides from all that I’m all about creating an environment where you feel totally comfortable, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself.


If you'd like to hear a bit more or ask a fews questions, please fire away. I'm up for just about anything so if you'd like to meet for food, coffee or a glass of water, lets arrange a date and we'll go from there.







Psssp. If you must know, my initials make a pause button.

 It's funny how that worked out...